Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools

My mother has been known to declare once or twice, that her three children were born with water instead of blood in our veins. And because there is no doubt about it, I am my mother’s daughter, I  had made it a goal to swim a mile in as many pools as possible across theContinue reading “Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools”

12 things I have learned in Australia…. so far

Well it is sad to say that my month and a half spent in Hervey Bay has come and gone, way faster then I could have ever imagined. As I drove out of Stockland shopping center for the very last time, I realized how bittersweet this is. A place that just a bit ago wasContinue reading “12 things I have learned in Australia…. so far”

The Not So Sunny Side of a Working Holiday

It is easy to make everything look like rainbows and butterflies on social media. Really easy. It is as simple as posting a picture lying on a lounge chair on the sand with a smoothie in hand and the ocean right in front of you. Easy. What is not so easy is admitting when thingsContinue reading “The Not So Sunny Side of a Working Holiday”


I am proud to announce that I have officially completed another successful triathlon! Though not as pretty, and definitely not as tasty, I completed the Hervey Bay Triathlon as finisher #40 out of 86! Now on paper, 40 out of 86 doesn’t sound so shabby, right? It seems as if my “training” prepared me toContinue reading “#AussiTri”

Hervey Bay Photo Update

It has been 2 weeks since settling in here in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and looking at my camera, I noticed that my photos are really starting to pile up. So here is a quick update of the highlights from the last two weeks. More indepth posts to come. Here in the bay we drive aroundContinue reading “Hervey Bay Photo Update”