Escape to Phillip Island

As I have been focusing on making the good ‘ol Melbs truly feel like home,  I realize that my grandiose adventures have been a bit lackluster. Now this is not to say that my “seeing and doing” has ceased to exist, because honestly a daily run in my St Kilda neighborhood is truly an adventureContinue reading “Escape to Phillip Island”

To hell and back again

Yes, it is true, I have been to the gates of Hell and back again. And I am quite smitten to return again. Because in true Noosa National Park fashion, Hells Gates, Granite Bay, and the rest of the Coastal Track is the closest thing to Paradise I have experienced thus far. Just about anContinue reading “To hell and back again”

From the top of Mt. Coolum

On the days I’m not making beds and scrubbing toilets like a champ, I have been able to get out there and explore all of the great sights and attractions just minutes from Maroochydore. My two latest adventures took me to Mount Coolum and the Eumundi Markets. Upon arriving to the Sunshine Coast and goingContinue reading “From the top of Mt. Coolum”

Fantastic Fraser Island

There are those places in this world that are just so beautiful that they will make any photo look like it was taken by a National Geographic professional. But then, there are those extra special places that you could take hundreds of photos of and it is just impossible to capture its true jaw droppingContinue reading “Fantastic Fraser Island”