12 things I have learned in Australia…. so far

Well it is sad to say that my month and a half spent in Hervey Bay has come and gone, way faster then I could have ever imagined. As I drove out of Stockland shopping center for the very last time, I realized how bittersweet this is. A place that just a bit ago wasContinue reading “12 things I have learned in Australia…. so far”

The Not So Sunny Side of a Working Holiday

It is easy to make everything look like rainbows and butterflies on social media. Really easy. It is as simple as posting a picture lying on a lounge chair on the sand with a smoothie in hand and the ocean right in front of you. Easy. What is not so easy is admitting when thingsContinue reading “The Not So Sunny Side of a Working Holiday”


Whales are kind of a big deal here! One of the major reason why Hervey Bay is recognized as a travel destination is due to the 3 months of spectacular whale watching you can catch just an hour off shore. So needless to say, between the months of July and October, “Whale” is on almostContinue reading “Whaleapalooza”


I am proud to announce that I have officially completed another successful triathlon! Though not as pretty, and definitely not as tasty, I completed the Hervey Bay Triathlon as finisher #40 out of 86! Now on paper, 40 out of 86 doesn’t sound so shabby, right? It seems as if my “training” prepared me toContinue reading “#AussiTri”

Ms. Worry Wart

Before leaving home, I was often times asked what I was most excited about seeing or experiencing while traveling around Australia. My answers usually included “Seeing a kangaroo, going to the Whitsundays, competing in a triathlon, learning to surf…” But really, what I was, and am, most excited about on this journey is the personalContinue reading “Ms. Worry Wart”