The Journey Continues

Now more than ever, we need community. We need to build each other up, connect and journey on. From singing from our balconies to digital game nights we can all shine through together.

My Story

Just a girl and an airplane

It all began on Qantas flight number QF2376. I was nervous. Really nervous.

I was embarking on a brand new journey, heading to a country I had never been before. Without a return ticket in hand nor a familiar face waiting for me on the other side.

Fast forward a year. After conquering the loneliness, community building and personal growth, I was getting ready to get back on a plane and say goodbye to my newly created Australian family.

Amongst the bittersweet goodbyes, something sparked in me. I figured out that when it came to breaking down barriers or building up community, I was able to do something really special. It was then that I realized that with a sprinkling of some creative problem solving and some data analysis, I could really use my marketing powers for good. Since this journey, I have been able to spend years working with nonprofits and small businesses to build out their traditional and digital marketing strategies.

My Portfolio

As every business or organization has their own secret sauce, I have found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to strategic marketing. Taking into consideration the overall budget, manpower and desire for business growth, I have focused my work on a variety of traditional and digital approaches.

Across the Date Line

My amateur adventures throughout the land down under, in blog form

Let’s continue the journey together

How can I can support your latest project, new idea, or desired business growth? I am here to chat!

Give me a call | 773.578.2771

Shoot me an email | azhutnick@gmail.com

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