The Great Ocean Road

After living in Melbourne for 5 months, I decided it was probably time to check the one and only Great Ocean Road off my list of wonders. And so I thought a three day weekend in honor of the Queen was a great time for a day get-away to an Australian National Heritage. What IContinue reading “The Great Ocean Road”

First Time at the Footy

Now, I consider myself a pretty loyal football fan. I will talk “smack” with the rest of ’em in honor of my Chicago Bears, without having any in-depth knowledge on any stats or players what-so-ever. And I will dress in Orange and Blue proudly, even when every worth while player has been injured and deemedContinue reading “First Time at the Footy”

Escape to Phillip Island

As I have been focusing on making the good ‘ol Melbs truly feel like home,  I realize that my grandiose adventures have been a bit lackluster. Now this is not to say that my “seeing and doing” has ceased to exist, because honestly a daily run in my St Kilda neighborhood is truly an adventureContinue reading “Escape to Phillip Island”

The beauty of Melbourne in Photos

So long story short, I love Melbourne! And if I didn’t have such a desire to return to my beloved family and friends, I reckon I would be quite keen on calling good ‘ol Melbs home for much longer than just 6 months! And so I present to you a small collection of some quickContinue reading “The beauty of Melbourne in Photos”