Surfing and bowling Queensland

To finish up my time in good ‘ol Maroochydore, I did so by attempting to pick up a few new skills. Skills in which I may unfortunately never get a chance to use again, but hey you never know, right?! Having heard day after day about the exhilaration one of my roomates experienced from teachingContinue reading “Surfing and bowling Queensland”

Rockin’ the Glass House Mountains

To climb the Glass House Mountains or not… that was the question. With only 48 hours left in Maroochydore, I had debated about whether I wanted to tackle the beauty that I had passed on the train. When asking the locals whether or not a trip to the top of Mount Ngungun was worth it,Continue reading “Rockin’ the Glass House Mountains”

Maroochydore Photo Update

Um, Hello, Audrey! It has been three weeks, where have you been?!? If the number of groupies knocking on my door at all hours of the night and the constant fan mail flying in is any indicator, I owe a bit of an update of my latest whereabouts. Of course, I can give a prettyContinue reading “Maroochydore Photo Update”

How to Plan While Traveling

To plan or not to plan… that is the question. Lately I have been contemplating about how I would classify my planning approach in terms of living life, but more specifically about traveling through Oz. I am not entirely the organized type with every nitty gritty detail planned out, but i am not completely the waitContinue reading “How to Plan While Traveling”

Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!

It probably takes no more than a minute of conversation with me to find out that I am a city girl through and through. The sighting of more than five stars in a night sky is a rare occasion. And being woken up by ambulances and construction workers is a more common occurrence than chirpingContinue reading “Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!”