Fantastic Fraser Island

There are those places in this world that are just so beautiful that they will make any photo look like it was taken by a National Geographic professional. But then, there are those extra special places that you could take hundreds of photos of and it is just impossible to capture its true jaw droppingContinue reading “Fantastic Fraser Island”

How to Stay Fit in Hervey Bay

As a town with mobility scooter stores aplenty, Hervey Bay is often times referred to as the “Land of the newly wed and nearly dead”. But great strides are being taken to turn this retirement town into a younger more appealing tourism destination. To replicate the popular cali surf town, some have even gone asContinue reading “How to Stay Fit in Hervey Bay”


I am proud to announce that I have officially completed another successful triathlon! Though not as pretty, and definitely not as tasty, I completed the Hervey Bay Triathlon as finisher #40 out of 86! Now on paper, 40 out of 86 doesn’t sound so shabby, right? It seems as if my “training” prepared me toContinue reading “#AussiTri”

Hervey Bay Photo Update

It has been 2 weeks since settling in here in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and looking at my camera, I noticed that my photos are really starting to pile up. So here is a quick update of the highlights from the last two weeks. More indepth posts to come. Here in the bay we drive aroundContinue reading “Hervey Bay Photo Update”