BRIGHTon Beach

It is amazing what a little pop of color can do… In a city where the standard dress consists of black on black, Brighton Beach acts as a nice  escape for a little extra pigmentation. And since the 82 cookie cutter bathing boxes that line the shore had been featured on post cards across town, IContinue reading “BRIGHTon Beach”

Moving to Melbourne

Please don’t hate me Chicago, but for the time being I have been calling Melbourne home. And because I know people are just dying to see if it is in fact true whether Australian toilets flush in the opposite direction and if kangaroos live in your backyard, here is a bit of MTV Cribs -“AudreyContinue reading “Moving to Melbourne”

The Truth About Homesickness

As a previous blog may have alluded to, I did in fact have a couple of rough weeks upon first arriving here in Melbourne. As the height of homesickness kicked in, and the yearning for a place I could call home was in full force, I started to question what I was doing and whyContinue reading “The Truth About Homesickness”

First Sights of Melbourne

A city as a whole, Melbourne, you freaking rock! The vibe. The flavor. The secrets. All are working in your favor. From the gentrification of neighborhoods full of Victorian homes and graffitied laneways to the abundance of coffee shops that have forced out the takeover of Starbucks, it is no wonder why Melbourne is ratedContinue reading “First Sights of Melbourne”

Travels and Transitions

Transitions Suck! They really do. Shouldn’t it be that the more it happens, the easier it gets? That you should get better at dealing with the newness of the people and places surrounding you. Wouldn’t that be fair? Well either I have been jipped, or that is just not the case. It is not soContinue reading “Travels and Transitions”