Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools

My mother has been known to declare once or twice, that her three children were born with water instead of blood in our veins. And because there is no doubt about it, I am my mother’s daughter, I  had made it a goal to swim a mile in as many pools as possible across the Land Down Under. And here is the official rating of “Audrey’s Top 5 Lap Pools in Australia”.

5) Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre – Hervey Bay, QLD

This is the cheapest pool I had swam in with an entry price of only $5.00 or if you are a student (or perhaps look young enough to pass as one) the price comes down to $3.70. The non stop beautiful weather and palm tree surroundings make this one very enjoyable outdoor swim.   20141101_160629

4) Melbourne City Baths – Melbourne, VIC

Though not as beautiful as its fellow contenders, this 30 meter indoor lap pool served as the most convenient and was the one I visited most throughout my stay in Australia. With an entry fee of $6.10, I award this pool as “most reliable” as it has a good central location, good hours, good amenities, and always enough room to swim comfortably.

3) Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Center – Sydney, NSW

How many people can say they swam in the same pool that Michael Phelps had peed in some 15 years ago? If you are in Sydney, you have to grab the train to Olympic Village, pay the $7.50 entry free, and imagine the bleachers are full and you are competing for the gold. You just got to!20150630_172019

2) Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center – Melbourne, VIC

Located in massive Albert Park, this giant facility was originally built for the Commonwealth games and certainly gives the Sydney Olympic pool a run for its money. Though it does have the dearest admittance cost at $8.00 for non-members, you are given the option to swim in a 50 meter indoor pool, a 50 meter outdoor, or two other 25 meter indoor options.

1) Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool – Sydney, NSW

Now this is kind of cheating, as I didn’t actually swim in this last one. But look at how beautiful it is, how can this not be bumped up to the top of any list? The entry fee is only $6.50, and I reckon that if it wasn’t 15 degrees out, it would make for an absolutely beautiful swim!IMG_1507

4 thoughts on “Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools

  1. You certainly have a smart mother! And these are indeed great looking pools, I want to swim in them too.

  2. Nice looking pools and big enough for many people to enjoy.
    My daughter has one son that told her: “Pretend I came from the sea.”
    That’s how much he loves water. He is now a member of a swim team and willingly swims/practices for hours.
    Perhaps he really is part fish. 🙂

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