Moving to Melbourne

Please don’t hate me Chicago, but for the time being I have been calling Melbourne home.

And because I know people are just dying to see if it is in fact true whether Australian toilets flush in the opposite direction and if kangaroos live in your backyard, here is a bit of MTV Cribs -“Audrey in Melbourne” edition.

In true MTV fashion, I need to add a bit of unnecessary drama to keep the ratings up, so here is my stab at it.

The shower goes from 45 to 105 degrees in a matter of seconds, there is no official drainage point for the washer which means you MUST remember to put the hose in the toilet (or there WILL be flooding) , and our upstairs neighbors communicate in constant high pitched yelling, nightly


My lovely apartment located in St Kilda West is perfect! It has everything I need to call a place home. And I love it!

Home sweet Home


One bag of luggage leaves you to be a bit creative when it comes to room decor
Watch out Rachel Ray, some mad cooking goes on in here
Imagine this room covered in half a foot of water. It may or may not have happened after a bit of a laundry incident.
Living with a bit of Columbian flava
Indoor bike parking for my little baby on the right.
Some good ‘ol porch sitting to watch all of the Kangaroos hop on by. (That’s a joke. Just to be clear!)



Upon first arriving to Melbourne, I searched through numerous postings on and, to start the room search. From my research I made a list of what I required in my humble abode:

1) Rent below $200 per week

2) My own room

3) At least one roomate between the age of 20-30

4) Located in St Kilda or the surrounding area

5) Has internet

6) Available for 6 months

Was that too much to ask?

As I was in a fortunate position of not having to settle on the first place I laid eyes on, 4 apartments and two weeks later I found my home with an awesome couple from Columbia. Just a 20 minute bike ride from the CBD, the beach, and the Jewish Neighborhood, I realize I certainly lucked out on my accomodations.

Now as to whether the toilet flushes to the right or the left… I’ll let you decide that for yourself!



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