First Sights of Melbourne

A city as a whole, Melbourne, you freaking rock!


The vibe. The flavor. The secrets. All are working in your favor.

From the gentrification of neighborhoods full of Victorian homes and graffitied laneways to the abundance of coffee shops that have forced out the takeover of Starbucks, it is no wonder why Melbourne is rated as the most livable city, four years running.

IMG_1010 IMG_1012 IMG_1001 IMG_1011

Upon first arriving in the city and passing a patch of factories and warehouses leading into the Central Business District, there was a very familiar feel to it all. The busy CBD defined by sky scrapers, the Yarra River, and busy public transport paired with the Lake Michigan-like beaches, gives Melbourne an eerily similar feel to Chicago.  And to add to it all, is the European flavor  that comes from the spotty cobblestone streets,  trams, live markets, and coffee culture. Basically, all of my worlds combining into one awesome city.

IMG_1029 20150122_193830 IMG_1018

Though from my conversations with various Backpackers, I’ve picked up that they didn’t necessarily enjoy Melbourne as much as their other destinations. The fact of the matter, is that there isn’t so much one particular must-see  that you have to get to in your allotted day or two . Instead, you just have to see everything. And for that reason, I have many many adventures and discoveries ahead of me.

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