Surfing and bowling Queensland

To finish up my time in good ‘ol Maroochydore, I did so by attempting to pick up a few new skills. Skills in which I may unfortunately never get a chance to use again, but hey you never know, right?!

Having heard day after day about the exhilaration one of my roomates experienced from teaching and participating in kiteboarding, I was excited to give it a whirl myself. With VIP access to an instructor and a free windy afternoon, I decided to give the extreme sport a shot.

Now contrary to popular belief, the chances of looking like this, the first time you take a stab at kiteboarding are about slim to none.IMG_0827And so lesson number one was kept strictly on land. After learning all about the ins and outs of the kite and about the safety precautions needed for the sport, I finally got a chance to take charge. And holy cow, was that kite bloody powerful! Even having started out on a trainer kite, which was about half the depth, I was quite frightened with the amount of wind power created once in flight. Perhaps what  was the most nerve racking was the potential injury I could cause someone else if the wind decided to shake it up a bit and I lost control ( which was an incredibly likely scenario).

Leaving lesson number one a bit skeptical, I nervously agreed to participate in part two.  I watched my two other teammates fly four feet into the air, even with a 200lb male holding them down. Simultaneously, an eight meter kite smacked down into the water just inches from me as another newbie took a stab at the sport.  Call me a wuss, but that was enough for me to decide that I made for a better spectator when it came to kiteboarding!IMG_0082IMG_0091 IMG_0087 IMG_0085IMG_0095After giving kiteboarding a chance, I was excited to get back to something I was a bit more familiar with, surfing. Now as you may recall in a previous blog, I set out on a seven week challenge to master the sport on my own. As I am not sure exactly how well I had succeeded with that, I had put my stubborn ways aside, and had a housemate take me out and give me some pointers.IMG_0108IMG_0120Though much more to learn, I can happily say that I left the Sunshine Coast with a greater surf ability than when I arrived.

And finally, keeping on land for just a bit, I had received a spontaneous tutorial on lawn bowls. An Australian life lesson I had come across previously is that when someone here says they are going bowling, chances are they aren’t referring to the ten pin, bumper using, game we are used to. Instead, bowls is much like shuffleboard, a game the girls and I had mastered while back in Chicago. The thing about lawn bowls though, is that the game is played on a shadeless patch of artificial grass, often times with a beer in hand, and barefoot. Though it was nice to learn, with the Queensland weather as of late, I certainly couldn’t endure too much of it.

Looking at this photo even makes the air seem hot and humid!

Now as I continue my journey from Maroochydore to Airlie Beach to Cairns and finally to Melbourne, I am giddy to find out about all of the lessons, life related and not, to come!


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