Rockin’ the Glass House Mountains

To climb the Glass House Mountains or not… that was the question.

With only 48 hours left in Maroochydore, I had debated about whether I wanted to tackle the beauty that I had passed on the train. When asking the locals whether or not a trip to the top of Mount Ngungun was worth it, I had often times received the response of “Why would you want to do that?”. But I had seen it advertised enough in Sunshine Coast pamphlets, which meant I had to do it, right?


So with my last day to explore, I made the 7am commitment to go on a bit of an adventure. And what a beautiful adventure it was! Despite the fact that the walk from the train took longer than the hike itself, and that the mossies brutally attacked the one spot i forgot the bug spray, I would say it was all worth it!


Look at all of those bugs in the top right corner!

IMG_0895It sure was a sweaty one! Even with starting the trek up around 8:45am I didn’t beat the heat. But no worries, I had one large frozen coke from Maccas with my name on it upon my return to civiliaztion!

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