Maroochydore Photo Update

Um, Hello, Audrey! It has been three weeks, where have you been?!?

If the number of groupies knocking on my door at all hours of the night and the constant fan mail flying in is any indicator, I owe a bit of an update of my latest whereabouts.

Of course, I can give a pretty good excuse for my lack of updates in the past few weeks. With the holidays, bus rides, airport shuttles, plane rides, hostel changes, sailing, snorkeling, waterfall hunting, big mango sightings and kangaroo barbecues, I have certainly ( and unfortunately) put my latest blog update on the back-burner. But I reckon that an excuse, even if it is an incredibly truthful and accurate one, is still just an excuse.

And so the people get what the people deserve! Here are a few quick candids that nicely sum up the beginning of the already amazingly rocking 2015.

Though this dates all the way back to the year 2014, Hanukkah in the Sunshine Coast sure was a bright one. Shout out to my mom who never fails to make sure her children are properly equipped with the necessary Jewish apparatuses to celebrate the upcoming holiday.IMG_0795

Also to add to the Hanukkah celebrations, was meeting the sunny Jews of the Sunshine Coast. Not only did they help me get my sufganiyot fix in for the holiday, but I also met the absolute sweetest and most welcoming family that had truly taken me in under their wing for the duration of my time spent in Maroochydore. Australian BBQ done Kosher style is the way to go!


And since we are speaking holidays, my 90 degree Christmas was quite enjoyable. Though I do not have a religious connection, I do always enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of a solid holiday meal. Getting to experience my first pavlova was only the icing on the cake. Being able to experience one holiday at one table repped by Aussie, France, Poland/Ireland, and America ( while dressed in tank tops) was truly special.



And because I loved my time spent in Brisbane so much on the first go round , I thought it would only be fitting to start the new year there. Watching fireworks from across the Brisbane river, on a warm night, with cold beer and fun friends. That’s what I call a solid way to begin the new year!


DISCLAIMER: I have gone back and forth about including this next part as I am often times hesitant to write about the weather here. Just know, that I do feel a pang of guilt as I describe the temperature while I simultaneously read about Chicago Public School closings due to extreme freezing weather. If you find this too distasteful of me, well I guess no one is forcing you to read this.

That being said, the weather in Maroochydore has been averaging about 90 degrees fahrenheit (about 32 celsisus). And humid. very humid! And so after my daytime hibernation I would reenter the outside world by dipping into the sea after a very sweaty run, stargazing, or taking a stab at lighting a very windy bonfire.



Though I have unfortunately moved on to the next leg of my journey and since left Maroochydore, I did so by cramming in a couple of last minute hikes and surf lessons.

Stay tuned for some glorious photos from my last week in the sunny (and rainy) Sunshine Coast!


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