How to Plan While Traveling

To plan or not to plan… that is the question.

Lately I have been contemplating about how I would classify my planning approach in terms of living life, but more specifically about traveling through Oz. I am not entirely the organized type with every nitty gritty detail planned out, but i am not completely the wait until the last minuter. And though it doesn’t really matter how I would classify my technique on paper, it does play a role in the heat I feel before making a big “move”.

Before flying across the world, I had my three month plan laid out. I was to fly directly to Hervey Bay where I would spend a month and a half and then I was to travel to Maroochydore and spend the next month and a half. Well looky here… my three month plan has come and it has nearly gone.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been phenomenal. Better than I ever could have imagined. Leaving me each evening on my 5pm run with non stop thoughts of gratitude about how truly blessed I have been.

But you see, in about a week’s time, I am packing my bags and moving on to  my next great adventure. And I am stoked! The Great Barrier Reef is something I have dreamt about for ages. And settling into Melbourne with my own space will feel so nice. The only thing is, it isn’t all exactly figured out.

Which is good and it is bad.

One thing I have learned on this journey is that it is good not to have every detail figured out. You never know who you will meet, what beach you will fall in love with, or when you will log into your bank account and receive an automatic notice telling you your account has been suspended. (Yes, all three of these are true statements, but the last one scared the bejeezus out of me).

But by not figuring out the fine print ahead of time, about a week in advance, I find my self tossing and turning all night long until I finally log onto my computer and write this blog post!

It always seems to hit as soon as I look at a calendar and see that there is only seven days left until game time. That is when my mind starts whirling and the to-do lists start forming. I have to go to kmart and replace my camera, and I want to get to Mooloolaba and snap some last minute photos, and I need to take one last trip to Noosa, and I want to get a few more surf lessons in, and oh yea I still need to book my flight to Melbourne…… ahhhh!

But like anything, I guess I’ll learn what works for me and know that all the details will figure itself out. Because with the three month plan in the books, it is time to get cracking on the six-monther!

2 thoughts on “How to Plan While Traveling

  1. Something also I have been pondering as I am a “to the letter” to do list planner when I normally go on holiday. So leaving plans open ended near term is quite disconcerting to me with this long term travel gig. But I’ve read somewhere that the best adventures that happened and to be had are the ones that sponteneously done on a whim, and off the scheduled ‘plan’, I’ve done one sidetrip so far and enjoyed it so I may hold out on the unease of planning for a while and see if this is on the mark. Oh yes and Hi Audrey! Also feel free to kick me off comments and start writing me own blog haha :p

  2. Obviously, to each his own, but I have learned that you can’t plan for the people you will meet and the opportunities and the adventure you can share with them. All I can say is you have obviously started strong with making a great sailing trip decision! Can’t wait to check out your blog. keep the comments rolling!

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