To hell and back again

Yes, it is true, I have been to the gates of Hell and back again. And I am quite smitten to return again.


Because in true Noosa National Park fashion, Hells Gates, Granite Bay, and the rest of the Coastal Track is the closest thing to Paradise I have experienced thus far.


Just about an hour bus ride North from Maroochydore, at least one day trip to Noosa Heads is an absolute must! There is the highly hyped Hastings Street (where I could barely afford a burger) and the beautiful Noosa Beach, but without a doubt, the must-do when heading to Noosa is spending a couple of hours exploring the National Park!


Unlike many other sea side towns, the Noosa community put up quite the fight in preserving its natural beauty. Instead of bulldozing thousands of trees in order to accommodate the latest holiday resort on the coast, Noosa remains the home of miles of hiking trails, many of which outline the water for the duration of the hike.




If you happen to be the .00000001% of the human population that finds these coastal views revolting, or maybe you just need a little bit of shade, Tanglewood track is a greener but equally as beautiful return path.


And if you are lucky, you might even see a real life Koala, in the wild. That was truly the cherry on top!


Now to add to my list of life goals, would be getting my hands on this beauty! A sea side abode among the rainforest.  Only a few more million to go….


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