Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!

It probably takes no more than a minute of conversation with me to find out that I am a city girl through and through. The sighting of more than five stars in a night sky is a rare occasion. And being woken up by ambulances and construction workers is a more common occurrence than chirping birds in the morning.

So after spending months of living in my paradise escape just minutes from the sea, I reemerged into civilization.  Of course, that is just my overdramatic way of stating that I was city bound baby! Brisbane, here I come!


I have come to learn not to plan too far in advance for my travels here.  And so, I had rearranged some tentative travel dates when I had learned that a friend from Uni (as they say here) was doing a bit of solo travel of her own Down Under. As mentioned in a previous blog, I had just experienced my first bout of loneliness, and so a trip to the city, combined with a familiar face, and the opportunity to stay with a new friend I had met in Hervey Bay, was just what I needed!

My trip went off with a bang, when I discovered that using my Translink Go Card during non peak travel times, put my travel fare from Maroochydore to Brisbane at just $13.00. What a nice surprise, as I was ready to shell out $50-60 for a return ticket.

As I traveled from Roma Street Station to the city center, to South Bank, I got to explore what the city, which is mockingly referred to as Brisvegas, had to offer.

There is something about street entertainment that is always so captivating. And though I have seen my fare share of bucket boys and trumpet players on the streets of the Windy City, Brisbane didn’t fail to keep me entertained.

These young boys and girls call themselves The Fergies, and sure do have some talent!
These young boys and girls call themselves The Fergies, and sure do have some talent!
Brisbane entertainment
I am sorry, but how on earth is he doing that!?!

Brisbane is unique in the fact that walking just a few blocks can take you from the city center, to Queensland Parliament, to the botanic gardens, to the campus of Queensland University of Technology, to South Bank just across the river.


Though all enjoyable, my favorite part of Brisbane is by far the South Bank. From trying to capture the perfect photo in front of the block letters, to the manmade Streets Beach, to sitting back on one of the provided lawn chairs in the park, you just can’t beat it!


IMG_0756On my second evening in town, we all enjoyed a nice home cooked meal and then headed to star (and skyline) gaze at Mount Coot-tha Lookout. What a breathtaking sight! Now I never have been particularly confident in my astronomical knowledge, but I at least should have expected to see a bit of a different night sky. Guess what Audrey, you are in the Southern Hemisphere now! No big and little dippers here!  But with a little help from a handy star gazer app, we got that all squared away stat.

IMG_0775And to spend our last day in the Brisbane area, we took a quick day trip to the Gold Coast, about an hour and a half south on the good ‘ol public transport. With temperatures nearing 100 degrees, spending the afternoon on the beach near Surfer’s Paradise was the only option.

IMG_0779I returned back to my seaside paradise in Maroochydore amped up from a great getaway to the city. Though I thoroughly enjoyed Brisbane, it truly is the company you keep that makes the great adventures so much more memorable!

2 thoughts on “Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!

    1. Yep, sure have! Though I am also a bit embarrassed to admit that only a few days ago someone had to point out that it was the Southern Cross that was on their country’s flag. You know, i’m getting there!

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