A White (Sand) Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white christmas…. Aussie style!

Though it is common knowledge to many that I am a member of the tribe, I do like me some good ‘ol holiday spirit like the rest of them. And so, as I have been conducting a bit of unofficial research about how Australians picture their perfect Christmas, I am starting to understand that they picture a white snowy christmas just the same. When asked what their favorite christmas movie was, many had given me answers of The Grinch, or Santa Clause, or of course, Home Alone. Even though experiencing snow is not a common occurrence for many, good ‘ol Hollywood has taught that it is a necessary aspect of that perfect Christmas! Though I sure am enjoying these warm temperatures, it certainly does give a different feeling to this time of year.

So without further adieu, I present to you my compilation of Santa’s who have shed just a bit of clothing and other Christmas decs done Aussie style… IMG_0782 IMG_0785


This Koala Santa turned out a bit creepier then I am guessing they had imagined



Where else can you find a solar powered Christmas tree?

Happy holidays, mates!


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