The Loneliness in Traveling Alone

After two months of experiencing a constant noise from the hustle and bustle of parrots and chickens and dogs and toddlers and grandmas and teenagers and backpackers, I finally found myself with an unexpected quiet night to myself. The stark contrast from what I had grown accustomed to had left me with a tinge of loneliness that from out of the blue, had completely snuck up on me.

Of course, I had only expected that months of traveling solo would couple with a lot of “me” time. An indefinite amount of time carved out where the only person I was guaranteed to spend my mornings, days, and nights with, was myself.

But I have been spoiled. From the moment I landed in Australia I was swooped up into this world full of buzzing. A world in which I have happily adapted to. So why was it that having just a few hours alone at night, even knowing that others would be returning soon, left me with such a desolate feeling?

I wish I had an answer for it, because I know this lonesome monster will spontaneously hide out under my bed for nights to come.

Though just as easily as he came, he went.

Just like that.

I am not a fan. Because it is the lonely nights, that make me realize just how far geographically, I am from the comfort zone of MY own bed or getting that reassuring daddy bear hug when needed most.

Though it is not my favorite feeling, it is a good, and almost necessary kick in the butt to get out there and do what I can to keep the lonesome nights to a minimum.

In fact, I have been wanting to write this blog for a about a week and a half now, but directly resulting from that lonely night not too long ago, I have been busy trying to get out and do things and meet people. Had it not been for that extra alone time, I wouldn’t have necessarily organized my trip to Brisbane where I had stayed with a new friend, or wanted to get involved and spend Hanukkah with the very welcoming Jewish community of the Sunshine Coast.

Even more ironic, is that even as I write this blog about feeling like I am on my own, I have had to change locations three times due to the conversations happening around me, to accommodate someone’s bedtime and to escape the overpowering background noise from ‘Snakes on a Plane’

So bring it on you scary lonesome monsters, I am ready for you!


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