Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter

General admission to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo….$59.00.

Crikey! That’s bloody expensive! And to think that many Aussies used to despise the man back in the day. Luckily, working in housekeeping hasn’t failed me yet. This time, it has helped me in getting my hands on a half priced ticket. Because toilet scrubber is basically the same thing as hotel receptionist, right?!

My assistant photographer was ready in her Koala hat and the peanut butter and vegemite sandwich was made. (Please note that that was one PB and V sandwich and one PB and J! I can talk the talk, but I aint walking that walk.) Bring on the Crocs and Kangaroos!



Though it seemed a bit empty for a Sunday afternoon, word on the street is that the rest of the Irwin clan has continued to keep the flocks of tourists and locals alike coming to their doors during the holiday season. One thing is for sure, the Australia Zoo is much bigger and so much more natural than the FREE Lincoln Park Zoo in good ‘ol Chi City!





The Wildlife Warrior presentation and the Afternoon Crocs feeding were entertaining, but what made the Australia Zoo worth it was by far Roo Heaven! Who knew that we would be free to roam among the little buggers to feed, pet, and take selfies with them?!

IMG_0541 IMG_0505 IMG_0561

All in all, I’d say it was a rather successful day spent experiencing the Irwin legacy!


One thought on “Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter

  1. you know you are starting to sound kind of Aussie! and I guess that V food is not for you! what beautiful shots, and your companion is so cute- she has curls! this zoo is more like a resort for the animals, do they have snack and junk for the people at some distance from these beautiful animals? i like all that greenery.

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