From the top of Mt. Coolum

On the days I’m not making beds and scrubbing toilets like a champ, I have been able to get out there and explore all of the great sights and attractions just minutes from Maroochydore. My two latest adventures took me to Mount Coolum and the Eumundi Markets.

Upon arriving to the Sunshine Coast and going out for my inaugural stroll along the shore, I couldn’t help but keep my focus on the mountain just across the ocean. When I found out that it was just about a 20 minute car ride away, it was instantly moved to the top of my “Marochydore Bucket List”.  Shortly after declaring this as a must-do, I was in the library and ran into the one of maybe five people I had met in town. She was also planing on taking a morning hike atop the mountain. It was all set, I was going to Mount Coolum!

IMG_0382What a way to begin your morning! Besides for the captivating sights within the national park itself, the beauty of Mount Coolum, is that you don’t need to set aside the whole day to tackle this beast. We set out at 6am and were back two and a half hours later just in time for school and work.IMG_0431IMG_0399I climbed Mount Coolum! 20141202_071119-1

IMG_0416We took our leisurely time to climb up, deal with one party member’s bloody nose, and snap some photos. But there were certainly some experienced pros out on their regular hour morning jog. After passing us several times, one young gentleman in his 70’s was on his 5th lap to the top!

IMG_0428 Another must-do on my list was a trip to the Eumundi Markets. After reading countless Sunshine Coast pamphlets advertising “Australia’s premier artisan market”, I scheduled my day off to accommodate an outing. As their website put it, “Visit the original Eumundi Markets if you’re looking for something different, something handmade, something special…”. I was looking for something different, something special!

Unfortunately, I am not so sure I found it at the markets. I am not sure if it was due to my extremely tight traveler’s budget or my less then pleasant bus journey, but I was good to go after seeing my third Frozen memorabilia booth, and my second Cronut (A Croisant-Donut mix that is blamed on those darn obese Americans) stand.


If you are looking for something to do for a few hours, head to the market, but if you are looking for a “must-do”, I’d say stick with the national parks!

2 thoughts on “From the top of Mt. Coolum

  1. It looks like the ocean is always pretty gnarly where you are; I’m seeing a lot of whitecaps in your photos. The hike looked like a good workout! So , how were those cronuts or didn’t you indulge?

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