Barefoot Nation

No shoes, no shirt, no service.

I always thought of that sign posted in grocery stores and restaurants, more of a formality than a necessity. Used as a precaution to keep the crazy beach bum off their property. Never have I actually been in a place where the masses actually need a reminder to find their shoes before going out in public. Welcome to surf town, baby!

Here in Maroochydore if you are not working, you are surfing. If you are not eating, you are surfing. If you are not sleeping, you are surfing. It’s the easy life, man!

I decided to join in on the action and hang ten myself! And by that, I mean going out into the ocean with a surfboard and attempting to replicate something I watched on a YouTube Video.

IMG_0376 IMG_0073

Let’s just say that I have spent more time off the board fighting waves than actually riding them. IMG_0382IMG_0078

I am pretty sure that my spectacular surf abilities paired with my bright Illini shirt haven’t fooled too many spectators into thinking i’m a local pro, quite yet. But I bet after several more weeks of practice, I will have people lining up at my door for “Audrey’s Surf Lessons”! Until then, I think I will be keeping my shoes on!

4 thoughts on “Barefoot Nation

    1. I never surfed before coming here, but have been out 4 or 5 times now. Just today i stood for the first time. Haha progress progress. Come on out and ill teach you all i know!

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