Fantastic Fraser Island

There are those places in this world that are just so beautiful that they will make any photo look like it was taken by a National Geographic professional. But then, there are those extra special places that you could take hundreds of photos of and it is just impossible to capture its true jaw dropping beauty. Fraser Island was one of those places.

For 42 days, I observed the mysterious island from afar, and last week I finally got to experience the world’s largest sand island’s preserved beauty! After going back and forth about whether I wanted the adventure of 4 wheel driving or the security of a tour bus, I decided to join in on the Fraser Dingo Tagalong trip. And what an excellent decision that was! This trip had the cheapest price tag out there and so this was a no frills, all adventure expedition. Besides for adding a tad bit more sustenance and a way to eliminate the nickel-sized horse flies, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. After reading about a freak accident in the Fraser Coast Chronicle that happened just days before , I turned down the offer to drive the 4WD pink truck myself, and was picked up just past 8am. After heading straight to Woolworths to load up on the food and drink necessities, we made our 10am barge with out a problem. Before we knew it, we were bumping and banging ourselves across the sandy island. IMG_0347 IMG_0343 And as we drove through the tire marked sand tracks, my first thought was how glad I was that I wasn’t driving! Think driving in snow, but worse. Yea I was pretty content with my seat right behind our trained and experienced tour guide! IMG_0330 First stop was Central Station where we began our hour hike with a spotting of two baby Dingos. As the theme in Australia is that everything is out to get you, just a few days prior I read in the paper about two girls attacked by these wild dogs. So though it was difficult to be fearful of these pups, we made sure to keep the distance. IMG_0332We walked among the trees and along creeks with water so clear you thought it was just a path of sand. Also joining us on this hike were countless horse flies. I have never experienced what a pain these flying, biting things were and only learned day-of that they were attracted to blue. Guess what color shirt I was wearing!?! IMG_0335 IMG_0342 After our introductory hike we rocked, banged and bumped our way to lunch. Or should I say to eat our roll with lettuce and lunch meat, with no condiments, plates, drinks, or sides. Yep, no frills, all adventure. IMG_0026 We then made our way to Lake Wabby where we began our hot hot hot hour long sandy hike uphill. And as we made it to the very end, the only thing in the world that we needed at the moment was standing right before us. A large, safe, fresh water lake just past the sand dune! It truly was heaven.IMG_0035 Our cooler return hike was then followed by our welcoming committee of set up tents and rain drops as we arrived at Cathedral Campground. Nothing was needed more than a sandless shower and a nice steak dinner. 20141119_075621 Bright and early the next morning we all made sure to eat up and hoard some fruit as we knew it would be survival of the fittest out there! First stop was the colored sand cliffs of the Pinnacles then to the ship Wreck of the Maheno that dates back to 1935. We then made our way to Eli Creek where the water was soo crystal clear and the current acted as a natural lazy river. We made our  quick and swift exit as we spotted another Dingo.IMG_0352 IMG_0351 IMG_0363 IMG_0357 IMG_0370 Last stop was the infamous Lake McKenzie. Even with a second storm brewing, you could still see the stark colors in the water. The very white sand is compiled of almost pure silica which is great for massaging the skin! IMG_0056 As we  finally made it back to the smooth paved streets of Hervey Bay, we all reflected on how it felt as if we were gone for weeks with the number of lakes we had been in on and the miles of beach we had covered.  The only thing we all wanted to do as soon as we got home was eat, desand ourselves, eat and sleep. 10342966_10204297892679593_627391993978425696_n I was looking for adventure and adventure is sure what I got!

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Fraser Island

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and some hard exercise. I never made it to this island; guess I’m glad I missed the horse flies

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