12 things I have learned in Australia…. so far

Well it is sad to say that my month and a half spent in Hervey Bay has come and gone, way faster then I could have ever imagined. As I drove out of Stockland shopping center for the very last time, I realized how bittersweet this is. A place that just a bit ago was completely foreign territory, has some how transformed into a safety zone that I know I can always return to if any of my future travel plans go askew.

So here are the 12 things I have learned here in Hervey Bay. As this was just the first leg of my journey, I am sure that this list is not just limited to the Fraser Coast and may apply nationwide as well. But I guess that just means I need to continue my Australian exploration, huh?

Here we go….

1)H-AR-VEY bay is in fact the name of the town in which I have been staying in. Like Steve Harvey. Not HER-VEY Bay. And it only took me a month to get that right.


2) It is magpie swooping season people! It is socially acceptable to attach zip ties to your helmets. It is the only defense to keep the aggressive birds from flying straight at your forehead. (Please note, I tried and tried to get a photo of someone modeling this look, but both my swiftness and photography confidence has failed me).

3) This statue placed every few kilometers actually serves a purpose. Yep, that’s a drinking fountain. And it only took me two weeks to figure this one out. Hey, I guess I am improving.


4)The Melbourne cup is actually a pretty big deal. Don’t care about horse racing? No worries! Dress up in your Sunday best clad with a hat, get the day off of work, head to the bar and join in on the fun.

5) Click it or ticket. You best be putting that helmet on when riding your bike, or be sure to expect a $110 on the spot fine.

6) Hey all you Dunkin Donut’s Fans! I haven’t spotted one yet, but the next best thing looks to be Donut King


7) Warning! Warning! Warning!

This next one is pretty graphic, and I do apologize about it. But I guess that is the whole point.

Feel free to scroll through quickly….


Simply put, don’t smoke. That is the message the Australian Government is trying to convey here.

8) Looking for Granola Bars? Try again, they are called Muesli bars!

9) And bell peppers are called Capsicum

10) Every $20 spent at Woolworth’s Grocery Store you get 4 free Super Animal trading cards. Nothing like learning about everything that is out there waiting to attack. You lucky duck, you!

20141105_181504 20141105_181409-1

11) Vegemite is still not my favorite


12) And to top off my list I have learned about all of the things I will miss as I continue on with my journey…

These pups




Enzo’s, of course!


The authentic meals! Nothing like pasta straight from the hands of an Italian!


The joy rides around town 20141115_105308

And of course, the great people I have spent my days with!DCIM100GOPRO

Here is to the new adventures to come…

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