My Australian Hero

Guys, I think I met the one. My true Australian hero.

We have yet to have a solid conversation. And the whole manner thing still has much room for improvement. But, I think I found a real winner.

Everyone, meet Nona.


She is right by my side every morning to protect me from the gaggle of chickens that flock to the door of my caravan as soon as they hear me stir. Having 30 chickens stampeding after you first thing after getting out of bed, is not always as fun as it sounds. Sometimes I feel like I am starring in a scene straight out of a horror film. You know, the one where the damsel in distress gets pecked to death in the middle of the outback?!


But nonetheless, my new furry friend Nona has quickly become my personal bodyguard. And the only payment she takes in return comes in form of ear scratches and belly rubs.

But once the crazy choocks have fully bellies and Nona has found some food of her own, I am left in (semi) peaceful harmony for the next 24 hours. That’s when I get a second to think and sometimes even giggle at the crazy life I am living. How did this born and bred city girl find herself living on the Fraser Coast and taking care of some 50 animals?

I guess you just never really know where your life will bring you or better yet, the “heros” that you will meet!

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