Hervey Bay Photo Update

It has been 2 weeks since settling in here in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and looking at my camera, I noticed that my photos are really starting to pile up. So here is a quick update of the highlights from the last two weeks. More indepth posts to come.


Here in the bay we drive around in style! My host owns four old timers that are our main form of transportation, as well as a highlight for the guests that stay at the apartments. Let me tell you, driving around in such a car sure makes you feel important as everyone turns and stares as you drive past.20141011_122648

As the house we are staying in is vegetarian, about once a week the girls and I head to the public bbq area across the street and grill at sunset.

20141015_181336 20141015_181505 20141015_193201

Another item on the bucket list crossed off! We got to meet and hold a baby Wallaby as well as a baby Eastern Gray. No jumping around for them quite yet, but at 6 months, they need to be fed every 4 hours.




On my way to the grocery store one day, I rode past the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens. I was prepared to spend a few hours roaming around, but with a bit of disappointment the gardens were kind of a let down, with their orchid exhibit only open during limited hours and for a fee. The highlight though, was watching a bride and groom-to-be arrive in horse and carriage.IMG_0030

Whales are kind of a bid deal here! We went to a Whale Aid concert to conclude another successful whale watching season. Clare Bowditch, a local musician, provided us with some great entertainment.IMG_0047

Here was just a quick sneak peak on updates to come. Stay tuned!

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