Glamping Down Under

Welcome to my humble abode!


It may not look like much, but I have grown quite fond of my living arrangements for the next month and a half.

Although about 99% of the general population cringes whenever someone yells out YOLO (Mom, that means you only live once), I have started to adapt the saying into my daily life here in Oz. When given the option between a room with a queen bed inside the house, equipped with a TV and air conditioning, I chose the bit more rugged accommodation.

How many times in your life do you get to glamp (aka glamour camping), under the oceanic stars every night?

Now, don’t think even for one second that I am digging holes in order to relieve myself, or building nightly fires to heat my can of beans. Who are we all kidding? For those necessities in life I walk a treacherous 50 ft. past the chickens into the house!

I also find it necessary to admit that Giovani and Mingli, the two house parrots, played a great part in making my decision. Though beautiful birds, those two little buggers are hella annoying at 5am!

3 thoughts on “Glamping Down Under

  1. Such fun, I applaud your decision! So you are creating a new word list- yolo and glamping, keep it up.I’ll be happy to send you photos- how do I do so? From my phone, from this desk top?

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