Oy vey!

Oh my goodness!!!!

It has been such a crazy whirlwind these past few days. It has taken me six days since my initial take off to finally get a chance to sit down and soak in where I am.

So to back track a bit….

After 30 grueling hours spent taking off, landing, going through security, baggage claim, and customs (all with a bloody nose, stained clothing, and reeking like BO) I finally landed in Hervey Bay, Queensland at 1pm on Thursday, October 9th, 2014.

Prior to leaving on my adventure, I had been contacting hosts on Workaway, a website that introduces interested backpackers with hosts to exchange volunteer work for free room and board. Thus, I began my travels in Hervey Bay, as I connected with a very generous couple who owns five holiday apartments and one beach cottage. In addition to the apartments, they also own four parrots, 20 something chickens, three dogs, and ten smaller exotic birds. The tasks here are to either clean and look after the apartments or care for the animals, garden, and other odds and ends.

My host came to pick me up from the airport and straight away we were off. Before even getting the chance to put down my bags, we were already checking in a couple for their holiday stay. After finally getting a second to jump in the shower, I met the two other Workawayers; two German girls both my same age. Everything was a complete blur after that which included grocery shopping, buying cleaning supplies, riding a unicycle,chopping vegetables, cooking, making my bed and finally getting to sleep at 10:30pm.



Due to a combination of jet lag and the chickens melodic morning tunes, I was up with the sunrise the next morning. I took the opportunity to go for a run along the ocean to Urangan Pier. It felt great to get rid of the tension in my shoulders from the craziness of the plane ride. Once I returned from exploring the surrounding area , I started right at 7am to start getting a feel for what was to come.


So here I sit six days later, on a bean bag at Enzo’s. With a smoothie in one hand and the ocean straight ahead, and I can’t wait for what is to come!

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