Building Up Brand, Building Up Business

My Journey

I have set out to help creators, dreamers and doers build up their brand and build out their business on a tight budget. Through an emphasis on traditional and digital marketing strategies, I have helped nonprofits and small businesses across a variety of industries find their AHA moment!

But let’s back up a bit…

It all began on Qantas flight number QF2376. I was embarking on a brand new journey, heading to a country I had never been before. Without a return ticket in hand nor a familiar face waiting for me on the other side.

In just a blink of an eye, a year had gone by and I had built up a life for myself in Australia. That year was spent focusing on creating community, reaching beyond my comfort zone, and drinking a flat white or two. It was upon my return flight to Chicago that I had my own AHA moment. When it came to breaking down barriers or building up community, I knew that I could use my creativity and tactical abilities to do something really special.

Thus marked the beginning of this new journey that I hope you will join me on!

My Approach

As every business or organization has their own secret sauce, I have found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to strategic marketing. Taking into consideration the overall budget, (wo)manpower and business development goals, I have focused my work on a variety of traditional and digital approaches.

“My idea turned into such a success because of the website and overall branding that Audrey created for Mask on Fashion! My website is extremely easy to navigate and i have received several compliments on the overall look and feel. Audrey was easy to work with and very responsive! I am grateful for her expertise and I definitely recommend her services.”

Christine Bustamante Cordero | Mask on Fashion

Let’s do good together